About Us


Defence industry covering many sub-fields such as Defence and security systems, software, land, air, sea vehicles and their equipment, electronic warfare systems, support systems and logistics services, R & D, engineering, manufacturing services is an important and strategic sector showing continuous development that is promising for our country.

Our defence industry has reached the stage of developing domestic products and gained an important infrastructure in terms of system integration. In order to integrate the Defence Industry sector, which has an important place in the national economy with its high added value, R & D investments and employment, to the international market and to make it acquire a competitive structure, the most basic step is to increase exports in this sector.

The Defence and Aerospace Industry Exporters' Association which was founded in 2011 with 60 members, continues its steady growth with the increasing number of its members that have reached to more than 1400 members in 2023 and continues its activities in a special field that produces solutions with superior capability and unique design.

Our defence industry offers solutions to different requirements and features and offers wide range of product and services which also includes the following:

  • - Land Platforms
  • - Marine Platforms
  • - Aerospace Systems
  • - Electronic-Communication-Information Systems
  • - Weapon Systems and Ammunition Support Systems and Logistics Services
  • - Military Clothing and Equipment
  • - R & D, Design
  • - Software and Simulator
  • - Nano Devices